Hi there!

I amKiran Gadhave

I am a PhD student at the University of Utah in the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institue.

I currently work with the Visualization Design Lab, advised by Dr. Alexander Lex.

My current research focus is using interaction provenance to create frameworks for enabling resuable and reproducible visual analysis. To read more about my research interests and list of my publications, please look at the Research page. You can check out my Github for code related to the projects.

Organizing a panel at IEEE VIS 2021October 2021

Will organize a panel titled Wait...when did we sign up to become economists at IEEE VIS 2021 with my co-organizer derya akbaba.

Student Volunteer at IEEE VIS 2021October 2021

Paper accepted in Information Visualization JournalAugust 2021

Presenting at VIS Summer Camp 2021August 2021

Workshop on Provenance and VisualizationJuly 2021

Student Volunteer at IEEE VIS 2020October 2020