Hi I'm,
Kiran Gadhave

Pronouns: he/him/his

My research focuses on using interaction provenance to enhance the reproducibility and reusability of interactive visual analysis. I have a strong software engineering background, with experience developing and maintaining open-source systems and libraries. I have experience building interactive visualization and analysis tools, and I like to think about how to improve the analyst's experience using these tools. You can view some videos showcasing my work here, here, and here.

I completed my PhD from Kahlert School of Computing and the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institue at the University of Utah. I was supervised by Dr. Alexander Lex at Visualization Design Lab.


Persist: Persistent and Reusable Interactions in Computational Notebooks
Kiran Gadhave, Zach Cutler, Alexander Lex
To appear at EuroVis, 2024

Reusing Interactive Analysis Workflows
Kiran Gadhave, Zach Cutler, Alexander Lex
EuroVis, 2022

Predicting Intent Behind Selections in Scatterplot Visualizations
Kiran Gadhave, Jochen G├Ârtler, Zach Cutler, Carolina Nobre, Oliver Deussen, Miriah Meyer, Jeff Phillips, Alexander Lex
Information Visualization, 2021

Trrack: A Library for Provenance-Tracking in Web-Based Visualizations
Zach Cutler, Kiran Gadhave, Alexander Lex
IEEE Vis Short Paper, 2020